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All Rev prices are for black. Upgrade to natural cherry for a special price of only $25 per speaker!

Rev 80i

Save $1000 on Rev 80i Elite Home Theater

A Widescreen Review "Reference System"
Main speakers: Rev 80i: reg. $1650/pr
Center channel: Rev 6i, reg. $499
Rear channels: Rev 60i, reg. $1295/pr
System Price $2444, save $1000!

Save up to $1000 on Home Theater Speaker Packages

The display at the HiFi'96 Show proved that Michael Green's audiophile darlings, the Revolution Series speakers, are capable of some of the most convincing home theater available. Ready for AC-3? Ready for anything!
We are offering some of our favorite packages at very special prices, but use your imagination to build your own dream surround system. We'll price it to fit!


Rev Cinema 6i

Rev 60i

Rev 5i


Free Rev 6i Center Channel with Rev 5i Surround Package!

Main & Rear speakers: Rev 5i, reg. $750/pr.
Center channel: Rev 6i, reg. $499
System Price $1499, save $500!



Cinema 6i All 'Round
Many sage videophiles say the best home theaters use the same speakers for all five channels.
Get Five L/C/R shielded Rev 6i's for only $1850, (reg. $2495), save $650!



Free Rev 5i Surrounds with Rev 60i Theater
Main speakers: Rev 60i, reg. $1295/pr
Center channel: Rev 6i, reg. $499
Rear channels: Rev 5i, reg. $750/pr
System Price $1794, save $750!

Save big on a la carte purchases of stereo Rev speakers:

€Rev 5i's, reg. $750, now $599/pr
€Rev Cinema 6i's (center channel or shielding left/right), reg. $499 ea., now $399.
€Rev 60i, reg.$1295, now $995/pr
€Rev 80i, reg.$1650, now $1295/pr

Sonic Frontiers Line 2

These units offer the promise a new performance standard for their price classes. Outstanding!

The next generation line stage preamps from Sonic Frontiers

...have just been released. Replacements for the long-standing high value champion SFL-1, and the no-holds-barred, Stereophile "Class A-rated" SFL-2, the new versions achieve an even higher degree of sophistication and performance, while adding convenience features such as remote control, multiroom capability, a dedicated video processor loop, and balanced XLR inputs and outputs. Otherwise both models share their all tube (6 x 6922's) design using no output coupling caps, but the $2995 "Line-2" goes the $1995 "Line-1" a step further with an outboard power supply, four additional regulation stages, and higher parts quality throughout.

Stay Warm This Winter With Free Tubes; save up to $480! Buy any Sonic
Frontiers or Anthem product and get a complete set of the factory-recommended replacement tubes free!

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